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I graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelors in Computer Science. I enjoy coding and built projects using java, c++, as well as javascript, html, and css. Down below you can see some of my work which include some java applet projects as well as website projects I've created from scratch. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to send me a email through the email address found in the contact section


Java Applet Projects


This program creates a digital zoo consisting of 4 animals where the user can click buttons to listen to the sound that each animal makes


This program gives the user the option to convert feet and inches to centimeters and meters or to convert a decimal to a hexadecimal, octal number, and a binary number. It also implements a mouse listener and key listener and prints which key is pressed as the user types

Copy & Paste

This program displays a border layout with 4 text areas and centers a button that copies and pastes the highlighted text into another text area on the screen

Coloring Page

This program runs as a digital coloring page allowing the user to color in the image while given the option to select from 5 colors

Dice Toss

This program asks the user to toss the dice 20 times. The user clicks the "toss dice" button which randomly selects a number from 1-6. It then calculates how many times each number appeared during the 20 tosses. It also prints a message if the button is clicked over 20 times


This program calculates a person's monthly savings after the user enters their yearly income, monthly rent, electricity bill, and gas bill. An audio of a crowd cheering is played if the user saved money that month. A audio of a crowd groaning is played if they had no savings and instead had a negative balance

Website Projects

quizz bizz

An website designed to take online quizzes. Built from scratch using html, CSS, JavaScript, and the jQuery library.

Ruby's kitchen

A restaurant based website constructed using html, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Thanks for stopping by! You can reach me via email

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